Looptastic - This is a live performance remix tool for mixing and matching loops quickly. Realtime effects can be applied via the X/Y pad just like a Koass Pad. You can also record your performances, save them, and publish them on Soundcloud. Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch in different versions.

Looptatic On iTunes
Sound Trends LLC

Studio.HD - This app is similar to Looptastic except is more like Garageband and Acid Pro in the respect that you can sequence your loops in a linear fashion. It shows 8 track but you can stack up to 3 loops per track which in turn gives you 24 tracks. Each track allows three different effects. You can also record your own instruments and sounds. All other features are similar to Looptastic. Available for iPad

Sound Trends Studio.HD iPad App On iTunes
studio.HD - Sound Trends LLC

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Looptastic the story behind Sound Trends iPhone iPod Touch software - This is how I got the gig producing loops for Looptastic and Studio.HD.

Sound Trends is a new software company founded by Aaron Higgins (founder of Mixmeister mp3 Dj Mix software). I met Aaron in the early years of PLP. I was doing a routine Google hunt and stumbled upon his first software company Mixmeister. Mixmeister at the time was one of the very first Dj mp3 mix programs. I thought it would be interesting to offer his customers loops and sound effects to add to their mixes so I emailed Aaron and he was extremely kind and very much open to my input and ideas. We developed a cross promotion relationship between PLP and Mixmeister. I created a new product called Mix Enhancers and sold many of them to Mixmeister users. Years passed and we sort of lost touch. I've bumped into him at the occasional NAMM convention. Numark eventually purchased Mixmeister and now Aaron is developing music and sound apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I received an email from Aaron out of the blue recently with the subject "reconnecting". I was very pleased to hear from him again. He was interested in licensing some of my loops from PLP for his new app Looptastic. There was absolutely no hesitation in my response as I was extremely excited to be a part of this cool new technology. I ended up licensing loops and also creating new loops and selling them to him. All of the loops for Looptastic with the exception of the Electro version were created by yours truly. The genres I've produced are Trance, Progressive, Minimal, Drum n Bass, Breaks, Ambient, Hip Hop, and Halloween Sound Effects. Looptastic is available in many different forms on iTunes. It allows users to mix, match, and remix loops on their iPhone or iPod Touch. There are some videos on Youtube here PLP Looptastic Videos