ACID DJ 3.0 - The story behind Sonic Foundry's revolutionary software for Djs.

Producing the loops for Acid Dj 3.0 really helped kick start my career. Fall of 1998 - I got the job at Sonic Foundry. I tell Ray, my boss at zZounds, the good/bad news and he took it quite well. I'll never forget what he told me. He said it will be just like sending one of his kids off to college. This made things so much easier. Luckily I had been apartment sitting in Old Town for a friend and did not have a lease. I also did not own any furniture. In fact, all I had were some clothes, a couple computers (Apple and Windows), and some JBL studio monitors. Sadly I sold most of my studio equipment and synthesizers moths before due to financial difficulties. I sold my Tascam 688, my Roland JD 800, and my Ensoniq EPS 16+. Two weeks and it's off to Madison WI to find an apartment and start my new job. I was really excited for this new beginning as it was another step in the right direction for my much desired career in music production. My new boss Mike, from Sonic Foundry, calls and asks if I could get my hands on some heavy Rock guitar loops and without even thinking I said yes. I called my friend Pat Ogle who's roommate at the time was William Tucker. Pat said he would ask William. The gig paid so there were no worries there. William was (he is no longer with us) a local guitars with credits ranging from Ministry and Pigface all the way to the Pi Soundtrack. He quickly recorded some loops to Dat and we totally pulled through for Mike. The loops were to be used on the Acid Rock version of Acid 2.0. There was also an Acid Dj 2.0 and the loops for it were provided by New York producer Doug Beck. There was also an ACID Country but sadly that one failed miserably. There just wasn't enough demand for it.

Welcome to Madison WI - I stayed at the Holiday Inn the first couple of days in Madison and edited William's Rock Guitars in the hotel room so they would be ready for my first day. Sonic Foundry paid for my moving costs and hotel stay. This made me feel really awesome.

My first day on the job was quite memorable. They didn't have an office, desk, or a PC for me. I had to bring my own PC in to do my work. They eventually set me up in a room with a long folding table as a temporary solution. My tasks were editing and acidizing the Loops For Acid product line. I worked a long side of a temporary employee. I was not feeling so awesome. Eventually I got my own office with a full blown DAW which included a Yamaha 01V mixer and Event studio monitors.

The next 1.8 years working at Sonic Foundry were amazing. They sent me to NAMM and the WMC (twice) all expenses paid. They sent me to Seattle to work a booth at Peter Gabriel's WOMAD tour. They had me making demo songs and scoring radio advertisements. I learned a lot real fast but as they say all good things must come to an end and so they did. Christmas vacation 2000 I lost my job along with 200 other employees due to downsizing.

Sonic Foundry Acid Dj 3.0

This is where the ACID Dj 3.0 comes in. Thanks for reading this far!  Mike asked me if I would be up for some freelance work. It paid more than what I was making when I was a real employee so being jobless I said of course. He had me doing exactly what I was doing but for more pay and I got to work from home. Then he asked me if I would be down with producing some loops for the next ACID Dj release and it paid quite well. It was a buy out arrangement so that means I would get a big fat check for about two month's worth of work. Like anyone in my position I answered with a huge HECK YES! Acid Dj 3.0 was available at every Best Buy and Circuit City in the country.

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