Acid Loops By Sonic Foundry

Acid Loops are short music loops and instrument loops in the Windows .wav format. What makes them Acid loops is the fact that they are ACIDized. ACIDization is meta data like tempo and key information that is attached to the file and used by Sony's ACID Pro. Acid was first invented by Chris Moulios (now working for Apple) and produced by Sonig Foundry. It is now owned and developed by Sony Creative Software. My first experience with Acid Loops was back in 1996 when I worked at zZounds Music Discovery. Acid was a brand new revolutionary product that allowed producers to time stretch and transpose audio files quickly and easily. Eventually I got a job at Sonic Foundry editing and ACIDizing their loops. You'll find my work on most of their early releases in the Loops For Acid catalog. I later started my own company producing Acid loops called Peace Love Productions. I've edited and ACIDized at least 50,000 loops in my time. I have about 70 loop titles under my belt and eight of them were for Sonic Foundry/Sony. They are ACID Dj 3.0, Acid Dj Expander, Designer Dance Tools, Dj Puzzle Scratch Tactics, Trance NRG1, Trance NRG2, Afterhours EDM, Dirty Disco:Nouveau Breakbeat, and the soon to be released Hardcore.

SONY Loop Libraries by Jason Donnelly (Dj Puzzle/PLP)

X-Core Hardcore Techno Construction Kit Acid Loops
Produced By Jason Donnelly (Dj Puzzle)