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Free Downloads
Dj Puzzle's dj samples began in 2001. Here are some samples for you to use in your music productions.
01) Download free dj samples and dj scratch samples here: Free Dj Turntables Scratch
02) Download free siren samples here: Free
03) Download free loops here: Free Electro
04) Download Massive Scratch Loops here: Free Massive Scratch
05) Download free drum samples here: Free Drum
06) Download free Orchestral Hits And Stabs

07) 10 free loops from my EDM Remix Tools set
08) Growlers Dubstep Samples
09) Evol Bass Dubstep Samples
10) String Samples
12) Club Dj Scratches and SFX
13) Funk Beats, Tech House Drums, and Drum n Bass
14) 500mb Free Boom Bap Hip Hop and Moog Samples
15) 500mb Progressive House Samples
16) Dance FX Pro Dj SFX Sound Effects and More
17) EDM Remix Tools 480 EDM loops and dj samples
18) Drum and Dj Samples from video here

The links above will provide you with some free dj loops and samples. I will be updating them very soon by adding more beats and dj turntable scratches. Join my mailing list if you want to be updated when new loops and samples are available. CONTACT DJ PUZZLE HERE

The music I create is produced using mostly hardware synths and gear. Sometimes my songs are inspired by a loop CD that I'm working on and sometimes they are not. I usually start with a beat but often times a melody appears in my head.