Cole's Bar Chicago

2338 N Milwaukee Ave Logan Square Chicago

Logan Square
2338 N Milwaukee Ave
(between Belden Ave & Medill Ave)
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 276-5802

Short review - Cole's is cool.

It's sort of divey-ish in a nice way. Not a dump by any means, and unlike a true dive, they offer a good selection of beers on tap and in bottles, along with the PBR and Miller staples.
The bartenders, owner and patrons all seemed really friendly. No pretensions here. The bar is mostly populated with local Logan Square kids. And everyone is having a good time.
There was an open mic comedy night when I came here, which was fun, but not necessarily funny. They actually have another room at the back of the bar which surprised me because from the outside, I assumed it was just one room.
This place felt very comfortable. And I like a place that is not overly fancy or hipsterish, no douchebags, but not a complete dive either. I'll probably be making this one of my favorite go-to bars as it is close to me and has everything I need.

The only time when I might not come here is if there is live music. I haven't been there to see it yet, so it might be ok, but I just get a little tired of every bar in the city hosting live music when all you want is a place you can drink and talk at a reasonable volume.

The Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Cole's:

1. The draft selection is awesome
2. No cover for bands and other live events
3. I can drink with Kermit, although he usually out drinks me
4. Great selection of music on their iTunes
5. Bottle service for Malort (ok, not really but it was a funny idea)
6. I can walk there from my place
7. Though I have not done so yet I can get pollo delivered from across the street
8. They do not judge me when I pay for my beers with quarters
9. The douchebag level is extremely low - the patrons are varied and wonderfully nice
10. I have my regular seat at the bar

Viva Cole's and the fantastic staff!