Peace Love Productions cont'

Now, back in Chicago... running PLP, meeting new people, I even went to art school for a semester. Here is a major turning point. In 2005 I discovered an ecommerce service called that would allow me to sell and distribute my loop content digitally. I quickly converted PLP over and completely stopped selling physical CDs. Our numbers almost tripled! PLP was now one of the first to sell formatted loops as download packs. This was way before companies like Loopmasters and Prime Loops. We basically paved the path for the many competitors that are now out there flooding the market. PLP was a shiniing star in the royalty free loop industry. We were selling loop packs to people all over the world. Helping producers land record deals and production jobs. It was a really great time but at the same time Bernard and I were still not getting along. THE NEXT PHASE Mark Schoehals (CEO of zZounds) kept in touch over the years. We would meet at Webster Wine bar and talk about business. He brought up PLP and said he was impressed with the fact that it was ranked so well. Long story short Mark helped me buy out the other half of PLP and we worked out a deal where he would take control of the assests. I have been working for PLP for a few years now under contract with Mark. My experience with PLP is kind of drawing an end. It's not making enough to keep me on full time. I will be shortening my hours and responsibilities. The site needs a major overhaul. It's extremely outdated which makes it hard to compete with all of the major competitors. I believe the site could do EXTREMELY well with an investment of $10,000 That would get a new site with a little left over for advertsing. I know how much some of the competitors are selling and lets just say that they are quite profitable. PLP could have had just as much success had there been more funding to update the site and advertise. Never fear though, there is a new chapter to the story. I have started producing library music for TV, Film, and Videos. I have also started a couple new loop companies since then one of which (Loop Cartel) is available exclusively through Beatport Sounds.There is more to the story and I will get in more detail when time permits. Thanks for reading so far.

Peace Love Productions is responsible for inspiring many budding producers through unique loop packs for almost ten years. PLP loops are cut with precision and formatted specifically for popular music applications using robust metadata for time-stretching and transposing.

Anyone using loops to create music or enhance a DJ set has probably used PLP material whether they know it or not. PLP Founder Jason Donnelly (DJ Puzzle) has been creating loops in a range of genres from Rock to Reggaeton to Electro to Hardcore ever since he started his career with Sony Creative Software in 1998, back when it was still called Sonic Foundry. His work for Acid DJ 3.0 eventually led to him starting Peace Love Productions (PLP), one of the first to offer Acid loops (Sonic Foundry being the first). More than a few aspiring producers landed deals using PLP loops.