Peace Love Productions cont'

I thought to my self, there has to be a way to sell larger quantities but how can I do this if I can't afford to get the CDs replicated professionally? The answer was right under my nose. EBAY! Back then there were I think two other people on Ebay with this same idea so as you could imagine it worked out perfectly. The discs were selling very well and people just wanted more. This is when I told Bernard about it. I taught him everything I knew about loop making and ACIDizing so that we could split the work and crank out more material to keep up with the demand. We sold thousands of loop discs on Ebay under the PLP label. Bernard designed all the cover art, did all the printing, burned all the CDs, and did all the shipping all from his home in Bensenville IL. Back then Ebay was a really great place to start a business. We harvested all of our customer's email addresses and started sending folks directly to our website when new titles were released. We also started giving away free loops as an incentive to get new sign ups. Our policy was 20 free loops each month for registered users. Our mailing list grew quickly. I learned everything I could about SEO and became a SEO wizard. Before you knew it our site was the ONLY site coming up with #1 results for search terms like Acid Loops, House Loops, Vocal Samples, etc. We were ranked in the top 100,000 websites on Alexa. Things were going smoothly. Bernard and I were cranking out loops and making a small living from it. I scored us distribution in the UK AND Japan!! I went from a sound editor to a International businessman. We were one of the first in the industry to offer such products. Times were getting tough though as this was just a small living. Sonic Foundry had killed my freelance position. There was more pressure from Bernard to create more content to make more money but my situation at home was in a state of despair. I started to fall into a depression being there in Madison and just barely getting by. I really wanted to be back in Chicago but could not afford to move just yet. Long story short Bernard and I began to grow apart. There was almost a balance of power and arguments were getting really heated. I felt that he owed me a break from work when I was feeling really stressed out since the whole thing was my idea from the beginning. His perspective was to create more content to make more money to lighten the financial load. I mean that does make sense but for me I was going through some other things both family related and also unhappy with my surroundings. Eventually I did move back to Chicago and my overall attitude improved. I found Madison was really starting to bring me down. I needed a big city. After all I only moved there for the job at Sonic Foundry but that was gone. Don't get me wrong I made some great connections and friends. I learned so much from the whole experience and I am grateful.  MORE CLICK HERE