The most unique incident was when this 20 something young professional came in and threw down his credit card and said I want this, this, this, and this. All of the pieces he chose were the top of the line most expensive in keyboard department. He was acting all sketchy and nervous but hey he had ID and his card was approved. I went to his apartment in a high rise just down the street on LaSalle and helped bring the equipment up. The whole time he was talking crazy talk about how he may loose his job due to something he said or did involving the upper management at his company. To me it sounded like some kind of major scandal at some corporation or something or at least that's how he made it sound. So I start setting up his equipment and explaining some of the basics and he turns to me and says, "Hey man you need to take something off my hands. I need to get rid of this." I was already very cautious so I was hesitant to ask what it was but my curiosity got the best of me and I said, "What is it?" He shows me these two giant grocery bags full of drugs. It was something like 2 pounds of Marijuana and a pound of Mushrooms. Immediately I was like NO WAY MAN but he did not want to take no for an answer. He tried convincing me but I did not want them for obvious reasons and was ready to run the heck out of there but then he said he was going to try and hide them on his roof top deck. For some reason I felt compelled to talk him out of doing this and I followed him to the roof top. There were some ladies up there sun tanning and I convinced him it was not a good idea. I tried telling him to simply throw them away or something or turn them in to the police but he was dead set on giving them to me or hiding them. I finally said, "man you are absolutely out of your mind. I'm out of here." I came to do my job and if he wouldn't let me then I needed to get back to the store not to mention he was putting me and my future in jeopardy. Next thing I know he walks to the side of the building and says, "I'm just going to throw them over the side. I need to get out of this mess." We were like 40 floors up! He throws them over and we both watch the two plastic grocery bags fly out of his hands ion slow motion. The wind catches them and blows them right on to someone's balcony just a few floors down. I got the heck out of there real quick and returned to work sweating and totally wound up from the whole thing. I didn't mention a word to anyone and never heard from dude so I do not know what happened after that. We never received a chargeback from his credit card company so at least the sale was still good. BACK TO ZZOUNDS STORY